Product & Collection Merchandising

Every fashion and Luxury company begins with one thing: a Product or series of products.  Consumers today navigate on and offline so quickly that the key to success is ensuring that your product is relevant, bought in the correct manner, displayed and communicated strategically and captivating for your existing customer base and for your future clients.

We at VTMN offer 360° services that will tailor your product needs in order to ensure that you are competitive and relevant for the changing needs and desires of global consumers.  Whatever your “product” needs are, we can help you, work together in order to customize solutions to an ever so complex market.

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Finance & M&A

In the current business environment, there is a wide amount financial resources looking for the right allocation, made of skilled people, smart ideas, innovative projects.

We can assist clients in building the right investment case, the customized equity story for the right investor or partner which will bring the capital needed to make it happen.

We can provide extensive experience in Investment Banking and Private Equity and a wide network of contacts in the financial community to support Entrepreneurs, CEO, CFO and M&A Directors in all their M&A and Capital needs.

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To survive in today’s global economy, luxury brands need to re-evaluate their value proposition to ensure sustainable growth for them and for the environment they live in.

Moving away from dated linear business models towards new – more sustainable – ways of production that embed circularity along the whole product lifecycle, becoming more efficient in the production process along the full value chain and by being more sensitive about the impact they have on the environment, brands will be able to tap into customers’ growing appetite for transparency, authenticity, and strengthen long term profitable relationships. They will be prepared for upcoming environmental legislation, more flexible, competitive, efficient and possibly saving costs and resources.

We can help companies and institutions to understand the status of their business towards the journey to environmental sustainability. We guide brands to reduce Co2 emissions thanks to a strategic and integrated approach that identifies solid Kpi and implements a positive change, integrating sustainability within the company’s ecosystem.

We offer a completely customised approach and we work with the best global partners in the luxury sustainability arena.

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